Finding Multimedia on EOL

EOL's vast multimedia collection includes images, videos, sounds and podcasts. Having access to this free, online resource is great for supporting your projects or just to enjoy browsing. Follow the links below to learn how to quickly find and filter multimedia on EOL.

How to Find Multimedia on EOL

Finding Multimedia Tutorial Video

Taxon Pages Media Tab

If you are on an EOL taxon page, you can find photos, images, videos and sounds by selecting the Media tab at the top of the page.

Find images, sounds and video under the Media Tab on EOL Taxon pages

Searching for Multimedia

Use the Search box on any EOL page to find your specific request.

Use the EOL Search Tool to find images, video and sounds

Once the search results have been returned, select the type of media you want by using the filter on the left-hand side of the page. Use the filter button at the bottom of the box to submit your request.