Species Cards

Species Cards

EOL Species Cards are designed to provide a quick overview of a species or higher rank (like genus or family). Each card has an image along with selected key traits. View cards online, or on a phone or tablet. You can also download a PDF file for printing (when available).

Trees of Massachusetts (PDF)

Okaloosa SCIENCE Cards
Plant Classification Cards (PDF)
Okaloosa Biodiversity Cards (PDF)

BioBlitz Cards
Developed for the 2016 National Park BioBlitz, this deck contains information for common groups of animals.
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 Earthwatch California Urban Tree Program Cards 
This deck of tree cards supports the Earthwatch Urban Resiliency Program, which aims to understand the cooling benefit of trees by studying ten focal tree species in the greater Los Angeles, CA region.
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New England Urban Adaptation Cards
This deck contains species that may be observed in urban areas of New England, USA and highlights biological and physical adaptations as well as energy sources.

New England Intertidal Species Cards
This deck contains a selection of species that may be found in the rocky intertidal areas of New England, USA.