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What is in EOL?

What is in EOL?

The Encyclopedia of Life brings together information about all life on Earth—one web page for each species. But EOL is much more than 1.9 million species pages. It's an incredible resource for text, images, video, sounds, maps, classifications and more, all freely available online. And, the true power of EOL comes from its users—users like you—who create Collections, start and join Communities, share their species images and make EOL a vibrant and ever-expanding meeting place for everyone interested in nature. Contact Us  and select "Learning and Education" to let us know how you are using EOL.

EOL Resources

mage: EOL Taxon Pages. Image: Moth Orchid (Astropecten articulatus). Credit: Biopix. CC BY-NC

Taxon Pages

At the heart of EOL are its taxon pages—one species per page.

 Purple and Orange Starfish (Astropecten articulatus). Credit: Mark Walz, Flickr: EOL Images. CC BY


Images, videos, sounds and podcasts. Explore EOL’s rich multimedia content.


Collections & Communities

Make your own online species collection with the EOL Collection feature. Start or join an EOL Community.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Biodiversity Heritage Library

BHL serves as the foundational literature component of the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL)