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Observer Cards

Observer cards are designed to foster the art and science of observing nature. Sets are cards are organized around Families of plants, animals, and fungi. Each set provides information about key traits and techniques necessary to make accurate and useful scientific observations.

Observer Cards are not designed to identify species, but rather to encourage detailed observations. Of course, identification can be possible with careful observations but the focus here is on the process of observing. For example, if you set out to observe pine trees, what features, traits, and environmental factors are important to record? What photographs or drawings make your observations more informative?

Three Observer Card sets are now available: FrogsAnts and Bees. You can view the cards below or download the complete pdf file. The pdf file works well when viewed in iBooks on an iPad or iPhone but any pdf viewer should work.

Frog Observer Cards

Download the frog cards pdf file

Download a print friendly version (for cutting and folding cards)

Printing Instructions: Print out the cards, fold in half lengthwise. Use the dotted line guides to cut out each card set (front and back). Fold each card set and secure with tape or glue. Suggestion: Print on cardstock, laminate and put on a ring for field use!

Bee Observer Cards

Download the bee cards pdf file

Download the bee cards as jpeg images (2 images per card, ~80Mb)

Ant Observer Cards

Download the pdf file