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World Wide Views on Biodiversity

Biodiversity, or biological diversity, means the number and different kinds (or species) of plants, animals, fungi, and microorganisms living in an environment, such as a lake, coral reef, or forest. On Saturday, September 15th 2012, more than 3,000 citizens from 25 countries across the globe came together to voice their opinions, engage with global policymakers, and discuss biodiversity in a day-long event called World Wide Views on Biodiversity. The outcomes of this global deliberation informed representatives at the United Nations Biodiversity Conference held in India from October 8-19, 2012. A promising decision was taken during the international negotiations on future protection of biodiversity during the conference.

As one of the host sites for this global deliberation, the Museum of Science (MOS) in Boston created supplementary biodiversity activities for members of the public who could not attend the World Wide Views on Biodiversity forum. These activities aim to raise awareness of and spark conversation about biodiversity. For museum visitors, Choose Your Own Biodiversity booklets are available at the MOS. These exciting, interactive tours showcase the wide variety of species represented in the museum’s collections, as well as connect visitors to these species in surprising ways.

Biodiversity Activities

Additionally, the MOS teamed up with the Encyclopedia of Life to create activities to enable citizens to discover the biodiversity present in ecosystems around their own neighborhoods. In a series of biodiversity quests, participants can identify and make connections between species in forests, fields, freshwater marshes, parks, and urban areas. These quests are available for download HERE. Participants can enter their observations through the EOL iNaturalist tool and the MOS Collections, as well as track other participants’ observations not only around Boston, but also potentially around the world.

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