Okaloosa S.C.I.E.N.C.E

Okaloosa SCIENCE

Okaloosa SCIENCE. is a collaborative, STEM-based initiative funded by the United States Department of Defense, that utilizes a comprehensive, research-based model that will raise military student achievement in science.

EOL's Leaming + Education Group (L+E) will serve as biodiversity content and technology experts for Okaloosa SCIENCE.  Working closely with Okaloosa County School District staff and other partners, EOL will help in structuring educational activities for students and conducting professional development workshops for educators. EOL will also be an advisor to the BioBlitz working group. 

EOL Resources for Okaloosa SCIENCE

Browse the current EOL resources for this project below. More coming soon!

EOL Places
Learn more about the habitats and biodiversity in Okaloosa County.

Species Observations
Check out the latest species observations for this ecosystem from our friends at iNaturalist.

Species Lists
Lists of selection of species found in Okaloosa County organized by habitat.

Project Background:

Okaloosa County School District (OCSD), located in the Florida Panhandle, consists of 37 schools serving about 30,000 students; approximately 30% of which are military connected. Serving the significant needs of military children, and the military community at large, creates challenges due to the high mobility rate of military dependents and frequent deployments of family members. Okaloosa County residents rely heavily on natural resources for their economy and quality of life. The Eglin Air Force Base (AFB), located within OCSD, consists of a large, undeveloped area ( 463,000 acres) that has the largest contiguous acreage of old-growth longleaf pine in the world and is home to many rare and listed species.

Project Partners:

This project is a partnership between the Encyclopedia of Life, Smithsonian WILD, Officer Snook Water Protection Program, E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Skytruth, 7-Dippity, and the Okaloosa County School District.  Visit the Okaloosa County School District website.