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East Bay Regional Park District Bay Lab Project

In the San Francisco Bay Area, the East Bay Regional Park District provides a field trip opportunity for local schools called the Bay Lab at Crab Cove. The program is an in-depth study of bay and estuarine ecology where students explore mudflats and eelgrass beds with the help of seine nets, hip wader boots, microscopes, and mud core samplers. Students learn scientific inquiry skills, use an EOL Field Guide and make observations during low tide.

In spring 2010, the park district teamed up with KQED Public Broadcasting’s science program, QUEST, to incorporate media making into the field trip. The students studied several species found at Crab Cove, making drawings and writing down observations. With help from KQED and East Bay Regional Park District staff, they scanned their drawings and made audio recordings of their observations, which were turned into audio slideshows.

Pre-trip and post-trip evaluations explored how the incorporation of media creation and participation in a global project, coupled with a local field experience affected students.
View the full evaluation (pdf).

This page highlights some of the findings that fifth graders from Arroyo Seco Elementary School in Livermore, California gathered during their visit.

The following media pieces were produced by the East Bay Regional Park District in collaboration with KQED QUEST.