• Emperor penguins by Glenn Grant, National Science Foundation, Public Domain
  • Fungi by Arthur Chapman , 
  • Adansonia grandidieri by Rita Willaert, cc by-nc
  • Sea Turtle by Brocken Inaglory, cc by-sa

EOL's collection of over 2.9 million images is an opportunity to explore the fascinating diversity of life on Earth, from the largest mammal to the smallest insect. Search for images on individual taxon pages in the Media tab or use EOL's filterable search tool to see all images on EOL. Reuse EOL's images for free for your own purposes under the Creative Commons license, or add your own pictures to the collection. To get started check out these image features on EOL.

Featured EOL Resources for Images

Finding Media

Finding Media on EOL 

EOL's multimedia collection includes images, videos, sounds and podcasts. Learn how to search for, find and filter multimedia on EOL.
Finding Media

Best Images

The Best of EOL Images

The Best of EOL Images Gallery is a dynamic collection of the best images within the EOL image library as judged by EOL community members. If you would like to nominate your favorite images, please join the Best Images Round-Up to enter the contest and add your own images.
Best of EOL Images Collection 


EOL Flickr Group

View or share your own images of life on Earth with EOL's Flickr Photo Group. To learn more check out the EOL Flickr Tutorial. Image: Desmocerus palliatus. Ken-ichi Ueda, Flickr: EOL Images. CC BY-NC 
EOL Flickr Group 


EOL Photographers Community

The EOL Photographers Community is for photographers of any level who are passionate about nature photography and interested in sharing their images for viewing on EOL. Here you can meet photographers, discuss tips and share your experiences in the field and the darkroom.
EOL Photographers Community

Students Sharing

Students Sharing Species Images Collection

While exploring an environment have students take photos of organisms and upload them to EOL’s Flickr group.  Images from the Flickr group will show up on EOL pages the following day.  Images contributed will appear as "unreviewed" on EOL to indicate that they have not yet been reviewed by a curator.
Students Sharing Species Images Collecton

How Do You Use EOL?

Let us know how you are using images on EOL! Visit our Contact Us page and select "Learning and Education".

Sharing Images on EOL 

Anyone can share species images on EOL! We accept images through our EOL Flickr Group. Below are some resources to help you get started:

EOL Flickr Tutorial
A step-by-step guide to uploading images to Flickr to share on EOL species pages.

EOL Flickr Guide for Educators (PDF)
Step-by-step instructions for students taking and uploading images to the EOL Images Group Pool on the photo sharing site Flickr. Images in the EOL Flickr Images group are harvested to EOL species pages. Images contributed will appear as "unreviewed"on EOL to indicate that they have not yet been reviewed by a curator.

EOL Help Pages for Images
Dive deeper into EOL Help pages for more information about contributing images and EOL's licensing policy.