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What did I find?! After the excitment of finding something, you'll want to know what it is. Identification can be difficult, so we've gathered several resources and on-line tools to help with this important task. Stick with it and find out what you saw! 

Top Identification Resources on EOL

Online Identification Resources

Online Identification Resources

Anyone interested in biodiversity and natural history is always on the lookout for good identification resources. Visit this growing collection of identification resources and add your own favorites.
Online Identification Guides
Identification Resources Community



EOL is partnering with iNaturalist to help you make observations and identify the organisms you see. Join the iNaturalist community - a great resource for identification help.
iNaturalist collection on EOL
iNaturalist website

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Additional Identification Resources

There are a growing number of online and mobile applications that can help with identification of organisms. Some tools use image recognition to match what you have seen with possible choices. Other tools use crowdsourcing where a group of people look at your shared image and provide suggestions of what they think you've found. Here is a list of some of these tools. Contact Us and select "Learning and Education" if you have others we should know about.