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Monarch Butterflies Migration Google Earth Tour Video 

This Google Earth Tour was produced by Atlantic Public Media with the Encyclopedia of Life. Producers: Eduardo Garcia-Milagros & Ari Daniel Shapiro.


Biodiversity on the Move are EOL's Google Earth Tours that give you a geographical view of the world's biodiversity. Using Google Earth's satellite imagery, these narrated video tours explore a range of topics such as migration and global research initiatives. Witness the multi-generation migration of Monarch Butterflies. Follow the arctic tern’s incredible migration. Learn about the far-reaching, devastating effects of invasive sea grapes on our oceans and more. EOL's Google Earth Tours are also available in downloadable Google Earth KMZ files.

EOL Google Earth Tours Educator Guide

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EOL Google Earth Educator Guide

EOL Google Earth Tours

Migration Google Earth Tour Video

Arctic Tern Migration Google Earth Tour

The arctic tern (Sterna paradisaea) makes an incredible migration of 50,000 miles each year traveling from pole to pole. Join them on their journey.
Migration Google Earth Tour

Invasive Species Google Earth Tour Video

Invasive Species Google Earth Tour

Sea grapes may sound tasty but in reality Caulerpa racemosa is a killer algae taking over the oceans and squeezing out native species of marine life.
Invasive Species Google Earth Tour

Sea Cucumber Google Earth Tour Video

Sea Cucumber Google Earth Tour

The sea cucumber, a prized as a gastronomic delight by some cultures is beginning to yield some of its secrets to scientists.
Sea Cucumber Google Earth Tour

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Google Earth Tour Video

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Google Earth Tour

Learn about the process of tagging tuna and how those tags are revealing surprises to scientsts.
Atlantic Bluefun Tuna Google Earth Tour

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"The Google Earth Tours are well done snip-its that I use to improve my knowledge of marine biology and to provide interesting diversions and enrichment to my students."

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