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A LifeDesk is an online environment that provides a collaborative space for creating, editing, and publishing pages of species information. EOL provides two type of LifeDesks: An Expert LifeDesk, designed for practicing scientists and an Education LifeDesk, for students. More information about Expert LifeDesks can be found on the Expert LifeDesk website.

Education LifeDesks offer a convenient environment designed to support writing, editing and review of student assignments. Using the Education LifeDesks students in college biology classes contribute to EOL species pages under close supervision by their instructors. 

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Collaborative Workspace

Education LifeDesks: A Collaborative Workspace

EOL Taxon Page Templates

Students use a taxon page template to contribute content to EOL.


Help Documentation

Instructional materials for instructors and students.


Editorial Workflow

Use the helpful workflow for editing and review.

Published Content on EOL

Student Published Content on EOL

Student Contributions

An example of an undergraduate student's contribution.