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The content on EOL comes from many sources including people like you! Anyone can contribute content, which helps EOL grow. Whether you are a photographer with a great eye, a scientist or student with species information to share or a backyard explorer with video of local wildlife, your contributions are always welcome! EOL also has a network of volunteer curators who review information for accuracy so you can contribute with confidence. Look for "Trusted" and "Unreviewed" tags to help you decide which content is most valuable to you.

Ways to Contribute to EOL

Images: Purple and Orange Starfish (Astropecten articulatus). Credit: Mark Walz, Flickr: EOL Images. CC BY


Did you know that snapping a photo of nature in your area and uploading it to EOL can be an important contribution to scientific research?
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Bumblebee (Bombus sonorus) video. Credit: Katja Schulz,Vimeo. CC BY-NC " class="Videos:  Bumblebee (Bombus sonorus) video. Credit: Katja Schulz,Vimeo. CC BY-NC


Videos can be great learning tools. Share your videos with EOL through YouTube, Vimeo or Flickr.
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Contribute species sounds


Do you record bird or frog calls or other sounds you hear in nature? Share species sounds with EOL.
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Anyone can contribute text articles to EOL, subject to review by a member of our curator community.
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