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Use the EOL Collections feature to organize information on EOL for your purposes. Put in your collection anything on EOL that interests you: species information, images, video, sound, maps, etc. Organize, annotate and share your collection with anyone! Use EOL Collections to make field guides, observation check lists and more. 

Collections work best with EOL Communities where virtual groups of people with a common interest come together on EOL to ask questions and share expertise. Explore the collections and communities below to learn more.



Featured EOL Collections and Communities

We have gathered together a range of EOL Collections and Communities to inspire you. You may find they are exactly what you are looking for, or you may find that you have your own ideas and begin to create your own. 
Featured Collections and Communities

Create a Collection Slideshow

Create a Collection or Community

Learn how to create, annotate and share collections and communities.
Collections Tutorial
Collections Help
Communities Help

Collections and Species Observations

Collections and Species Observations

Add observational capabilities to your EOL Collection with iNaturalist and have others help you make observations and identify species. 
iNaturalist on EOL

Collections for Educators

Collections for Educators

View examples and tips for creating and using collections for learning activities. 
Collections for Educators

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