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Did you know that snapping a photo of nature and uploading it to EOL can be an important contribution to scientific research? So can participating in a BioBlitz species inventory event, sharing your observations of the natural world using the iNaturalist app, creating a customized field guide for explorations in your local area, among other activities. EOL supports citizen scientists with tools and resources to help you participate in species explorations no matter how big or small your activity. 

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Become an observer of nature with iNaturalist! Use the tools and community to get you started uploading photos and descriptions of species you have found.

Collections and Communities

Collections & Communities

Make your own online species collection and invite friends and colleagues to join your community with the EOL Collections and Community features. Put in your collection anything on EOL that interests you: species information, images, video, sound, maps, etc. Organize, annotate and share your collection with anyone!  
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EOL Taxon Pages

EOL Taxon Pages

At the heart of EOL are its taxon page—one species per page. Each page is organized around a standard Table of Contents and has text descriptions, images, maps, names, classifications, video and more.
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EOL Field Guides

EOL Field Guides

Create customized field guides by selecting the information you want from the EOL and edit it to suit your needs. Use them online or print out your guides in a variety of formats.
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What Citizen Scientists have to say about EOL:

EOL citizen science tools help the families we work with extend their coastal exploration experiences beyond their World Oceans Day events. EOL's in-depth learning materials help us increase Ocean Literacy by inspiring participants to collect and share their observations and enthusiasm with people in their community and even around the world!"

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Additional EOL Resources for Citizen Scientists

Topics in Biodiversity
Looking for a place to get started with EOL? Start with these introductory articles to learn more about life on Earth.

Looking for a picture of a falcon in flight? Want to watch stingrays swimming in the deep seas? Curious about the call of the coqui? Explore EOL’s rich multimedia content!

Lend an ear and discover the wonders of nature around the world and right outside your back door with EOL's One Species at a Time Podcasts, Google Earth Tours and other podcasts from our content partners.