Joanne Daly

Strategic Advisor, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)


Dr. Joanne Daly is Strategic Advisor in the Science, Strategy and People Group and a member of Executive Management Council. Her work focuses on developing strategy on CSIRO Collections and Facilities. Dr. Daly is a past Group Executive, Agribusiness, (2007-2011) and Chief of CSIRO Entomology (2003-07). During her time as Group Executive she led the reintegration of joint venture activities in food and nutritional sciences and forestry-related work into CSIRO’s Divisional and Flagship framework. She also oversaw the establishment of the Sustainable Agriculture Flagship, a major activity in the area of food security in a carbon and water-constrained world, and she developed the transformational biology platform that links all modern biosciences and bioinformatics in CSIRO.

Dr. Daly has been widely recognised for her achievements in scientific research and development. She has made significant contributions to the area of biodiversity bioinformatics and is recognised for her global role in this area. She is the current Chair of GBIF and is on the Executive Committee of Encyclopedia of Life. She was formerly the head of Australian delegation to GBIF (2001-09). She was the inaugural Chair of the Atlas of Living Australia Management Committee. Dr. Daly is also recognised in her discipline of agricultural sciences and she has contributed to a range of committees and forums in this area. She has had a previous appointment to Quarantine and Exports Advisory Council (QEAC) (2005-08). Her research has contributed to the resistance management strategy for broad acre summer crops in eastern Australia for both insecticides and for transgenic plants. Dr. Daly was seconded to the Australian Federal Government (2001-02). In 2002, Dr. Daly led the task force responsible for supporting the government’s setting of National Research Priorities (Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training). Dr. Daly joined CSIRO Entomology in 1983 as a project scientist studying the evolution of insecticide resistance in the cotton bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera.

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