Graham Higley

Head of Library & Information Services, Natural History Museum, London

Graham Higley currently serves as the head of Library & Information Services at the Natural History Museum in London, England. With degrees in both chemistry and library sciences, he has worked as a radiation chemist on nuclear reactors as well as a library manager for universities and in the commercial sector running science, engineering and marketing libraries. Mr. Higley spent the last five years as head of Libraries and Information Systems at the Natural History Museum, where he is the Project Director of SYNTHESYS, a project integrating 20 European institutions in the world’s largest natural history network. Mr. Higley has worked previously as the head of the BBC Libraries, the second largest library in the United Kingdom with more than 500 staff and 100 million stock items. He was also the marketing director and a member of the Board of Directors of Investors in People, a non-profit business that works to improve business practices through people. He also served as IT Director for The Carbon Trust.

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