Making and viewing observations

Making and Viewing Observations

Now that you have selected an EOL-iNaturalist project to work on you can begin to make observations, share them and even get help with identification if you want. You can view them and watch the number of observations grow over time. 

Making Observations

Grab your field journal, camera or iPhone and start collecting observations!  You can make and upload observations using the iPhone app  and following these instructions.  Or, use the notes from your field journal and the pictures from your camera and do your work on the iNaturalist website.

Please note that you cannot upload an observation of a species to an EOL-iNaturalist project that is not in the project checklist unless the Rules for the project allow that to happen (see Terms & Rules on a project page on iNaturalist).  And, at the moment, you can only add or delete species from your EOL-iNaturalist project through your EOL Collection and not through the iNaturalist website or app.  

iNaturalist automatically synchronizes with EOL on a daily basis.  Any changes you make to your Collection will be updated and available the next day.  These changes will be reflected in the project on the iNaturalist tab in your Collection, in the iPhone app and in the project on the iNaturalist website.

Viewing Observations

You can view the observations in your EOL Collection.  Just click the iNaturalist Observations tab on the left-hand side of your Collection page.  This will display a map and list all the observations for the project along with the most active iNaturalist contributors.  Here is an example view for the Invasive Species in North America collection. It’s an easy way to stay on top of observational activity for a project, showing what has been spotted and who is contributing.  

From the iNaturalist Observations tab you can easily move back and forth between EOL and iNaturalist making management of your EOL Collection and observations easy.  Just click the View all observations link under the map.

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