Making your own EOL-iNaturalist project

Making your own EOL-iNaturalist Project:

To make your own EOL-iNaturalist project, you will first need to make an EOL Collection or choose one of your existing Collections and then request it to be activated as an EOL-iNaturalist project

Your Collection can be a list of anything you want to make observations of, such as the plants in your local park or bugs and birds in the schoolyard.  It is also a great tool to support larger citizen science events such as a BioBlitzes or species inventories.  When you make an EOL-iNaturalist project you automatically open it up for others to add observations and can get help with identification of the things you have seen.  See some example EOL-iNaturalist projects.

Make an EOL-iNaturalist Project:

  1. Log-in and become an EOL member if you aren’t already.  Or contact us and we will help you get started.
  2. Once you are logged into EOL, create an EOL Collection or choose one of your existing Collections to activate for citizen science.
  3. Contact us to activate your Collection as an EOL-iNaturalist project.  In the email please include “Activate Collection” in the title and send us your EOL username and the name(s) of the EOL Collection(s) you want activated.
  4. Typically, within 24-hours you will see your project in the EOL iNaturalist Collection and in the EOL Project List on the iNaturalist website.
  5. To access your project on the iPhone: a) log-in to the iNaturalist app; b) click on the Projects tab; c) type in 'EOL' in the search bar; and, d) click 'Search'.   This will bring up all EOL-iNaturalist projects.  Or, just type in the name of your EOL Collection in the search box to find your project. Click "join this project". We will make you an administrator of the project on

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