Offline digital image collections

Do you own, or know of, a valuable collection of digital images of organisms that aught to be disseminated online? If the owner is willing to publish the images under a compatible Creative Commons license, and if the organisms are taxonomically identified (to species or some higher rank), then posting them with EOL and our partners is an excellent way to make them visible and searchable. With small numbers of images this is not difficult and there are many options. Most of our photo contributors use the EOL Flickr Group. For a large collection with hundreds or even thousands of images, however, this can be a daunting task. There are several "bulk upload" avenues available that can make it much easier.

Our Partner, Morphbank is an online database of images that scientists use for international collaboration. It is an EOL Content Partner, so images posted to Morphbank will appear automatically on EOL, with its original attribution information. Morphbank has a number of different image upload mechanisms for its contributors, including a batch upload mechanism suitable for large collections.

Other Major Partners

Your collection may be of particular interest to another of our Content Partners. They do not all have bulk upload mechanisms available to their contributors, but many of them have talent available to take on technical projects. If you have several hundred rare, professionally identified images for their group of interest, and no time to post them by hand, they may well be motivated to work with you. It never hurts to ask. If you're not sure which partner to approach, contact us!

Spreadsheet Partnership

If you run or participate in a project with an online presence, consider posting your images to that website and partnering with EOL from there. If you have the time and talent to create an image gallery with captions and some navigation tools, great! If not, you can just keep the image files in a folder. Once they are online, you can tell us where to find them, where to post them and how attribute them using our spreadsheet partner method. (hint: this is particularly easy if the taxon name is in the filename of each image.)

If you don't have access to storage space on a related or appropriate website, contact us. We can help you find an online location from which to execute the transfer.