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Odd results in search
by Yan Wong, Wed Jun 04, 2014 13:22 UTC

I think I'm getting weird results when using the "exact" feature of the search API. For example, looking for "Inia geoffrensis" I get 7 results from a non-exact search, including the correct one:

"id": 328472,
"title": "Inia geoffrensis (Blainville, 1817)",
"content": "Inia geoffrensis (Blainville, 1817); Inia geoffrensis (de Blainville, 1817); Inia geoffrensis Blainville, 1817; Delphinus frontatus Cuvier, 1823"

But when I do an "exact" search, I only get 2 results, neither of which are the correct species page, even though the non-exact search shows that there definitely is a page with the correct title. Note that there's some weird capitalization thing in the contents section too.
"results": [
{ "id": 8822164,
"title": "Inia d'Orbigny, 1834",
"link": "http://eol.org/8822164?action=overview&controller=taxa",
"content": "Inia Geoffrensis"
{ "id": 34512,
"title": "Inia",
"link": "http://eol.org/34512?action=overview&controller=taxa",
"content": "Inia Geoffrensis; Inia"
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Re: Odd results in search
by csparr, Mon Jun 16, 2014 12:41 UTC

This looks to me like something strange that is happening with our processing of the IUCN red list source, where the system is mistaking the specific epithet for an authority. I'm sure we can override the problems, but I'll want to consult with Katja to capture the nature of the problem so maybe we can fix it for the future so it doesn't happen again.

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by Katja, Mon Jun 16, 2014 20:02 UTC

There are a whole bunch of sources that give us a capitalized epithet for this species, and our names architecture often fails in these cases.  I have fixed the taxon concepts for the species and genus and asked for a reindex, so the problem should be fixed within a day or two, but unfortunately there's a good chance that it will come back.  I will put this on our list of concepts to keep an eye on.

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