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Species are known by many different names. The TaxonConcept Knowledge Base provides informative Linked Open Data URI's for species concepts that improve the quality and stability of links between a species and data about that species. There are currently 108,228 species concepts and a and 1,000 records for species occurrences. We try to adhere to Linked Open Data best practices and link to existing resources like DBpedia, EUNIS, BBC, GeoNames, Uniprot, Freebase, GlobalNames and others where possible.

A species can have several different classifications, for instance it's classification in NCBI and DBpedia, may be different. To allow multiple classifications, the species model is separate from any specific classification. It is possible to create similar mapping files that can be used to tie the species to alternative classifications. This can be particularly for SPARQL queries.

RDF dumps of the data set are available and the data set is mirrored on the Linked Open Data Cloud cache and accessible via the OpenLink URIburner and Sindice Semantic Data Services. The data set is also documented on the CKAN data repository at

A SPARQL interface to the TaxonConcept and additional species related data sets is available at the following sites:

TaxonConcept SPARQL Endpoint
LOD Cloud Cache Endpoint
OpenLink Software SPARQL Endpont

Examples of SPARQL Queries can be found on bitly

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