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Anybody interested in biodiversity and natural history is always on the lookout for good identification resources. Let's use this community to assemble a list of online guides we find useful. Please post your recommendations in the Newsfeed. We will periodically move sites from your posts into the Online Identification Guides Collection.

Be sure to include the following information:

  1. The name of the site
  2. The web address (url)
  3. The taxonomic range (which organisms are covered?)
  4. The geographic range (which parts of the world are covered?)
  5. Is the site interactive (can you post an image or a question and get help)? ( I )
  6. Optional: a brief note why you think it is a good site.

  7. Thanks for your help in putting this list together!

    Also, if you are finding this list helpful, please leave a comment below, so we'll know that it is worth maintaining.

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