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Go Botany: New England Wild Flower Society

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Go Botany is a web-based project that builds on the Flora Novae Angliae by Arthur Haines, the first comprehensive scientific reference on the region's 3500 plant species published in the last 25 years. Production of Go Botany was funded by the National Science Foundation. Our Simple Key is an interactive key to 1,200 species. Answer a few questions to narrow down to the plant you want to identify. Using our Advanced Key tools, you can use traditional dichotomous keys or our interactive Full Key to identify more than 3,500 species, subspecies and varieties of plants. Learn about the habitats, characteristics, and uses of plants, view photos and maps of its distribution, and much more. Go Botany is designed for students and informal learners age 15 and older, from beginners to professionals. But educators can incorporate our tools into lessons for all ages! Develop your own curricula, lab modules, and field workshops using Go Botany. Last indexed November 2, 2013