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Gulf of Mexico Biodiversity - old version - to be removed

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A recently published reference book about Gulf of Mexico Biodiversity (Felder & Camp 2009) lists 15,419 species within 40 phyla, ranging from single-celled microbes to seaweeds, plants, fungi, and a great diversity of invertebrate and vertebrate animals. This collection provides as sample of prominent Gulf of Mexico species.

For more information about Gulf of Mexico Biodiversity, check out the following resources:


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  • Rothschild, S. B. 2004. Beachcomber's Guide to Gulf Coast Marine Life. Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Third Edition. Taylor Trade Publishing, Lanham.
  • Tunnell, J. W., E. A. Chávez, and K. Withers, eds. 2007. Coral Reefs of the Southern Gulf of Mexico. Texas A&M University Press, Corpus Christi.

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