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  • Protozoa > Acanthamoebidae

    Acanthamoeba culbertsoni

    I chose these because they have many roles to play with human sickness. Also because they're found in many things we use every day. They can cause BIG problems in our nervous system and immune system.

    Sort value: September 26 2013

  • 10729_88_88 Bacteria


    Purple Photosynthetic Bacteria and Relatives

    I chose these because they look pretty cool. I'm not going to lie. Also, it has "medical, industrial, and agricultural significance" too.

    Sort value: September 26 2013

  • 81377_88_88 Fungi



    This is the absolute weirdest fungi I've ever seen. It is strange and interesting. Also, the fact it has a long life span. Most mushrooms grow on their food, then when they're done they die and go away. Are they still alive after they, um, disappear? How do they grow on the dead things?

    Sort value: September 26 2013

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