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RI native animals (Zoology)

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  • 06920_88_88 Animalia > Felidae

    Lynx rufus


    They are the most wildly distributive cat in North America. I didn't know that they would live in swamps, I thought that they only lived in mountains and vallies. They also seem to have a very wide range of prey, too. Most of their prey is as big or bigger than them. The article also says that the males breed...?

  • 21119_88_88 Animalia > Cervidae

    Alces alces

    Eurasian Elk

    (Hoovis he he) Moose seem to live mostly North of here, and I did not know that they were part of the deer family. According to the page, they seem to want to blend in a little more, and mostly like dark places. I like how they are active all the time, but "peak" during dawn and dusk

  • 36385_88_88 Animalia > Felinae Fischer de Waldheim, 1817

    Leopardus pardalis


    I like how this animal is very adaptive and can be in many habitats, and they seem sort of territorial. They seem like they could live almost anywhere. It says that their den can be in a cave, tree, or dence thicket. They seem like the kind of animal that really knows how to survive in the wild

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