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  • 37441_88_88 Plantae > Sapindaceae

    Acer saccharum

    Sugar Maple

    The Sugar Maple produces a great quantity of sap at once. Does the tree specifically take in more water at once or does its genetics tell it to store more water over the winter? If so, why is the not in the genes of all maple trees?

  • 64070_88_88 Plantae > Betulaceae

    Betula nigra

    River Birch

    Since the tree is called the River Birch, one would expect that it grows nears rivers. Why would this tree mainly populate river areas? Is it a need for more water and nutrients, or just simply seed distribution by water?

  • 63275_88_88 Plantae > Fagaceae

    Castanea dentata

    American Chestnut

    In my opinion, the chestnuts do not require as much protection as the are given by the seed pods. Any predator who is interested in consuming the chestnuts has adapted to break through the pod and therefore cancels out the protection the pod provides.