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Misplaced EOL Content

Last updated 8 days ago

This collection is for EOL content (images, articles, etc.) that somehow ends up on the wrong taxon page. Often the cause of these misplacements will be homonymy between taxa, but sometimes the cause is more elusive. When you post an image or article to this collection, we will investigate why it is misplaced and hopefully we can fix the underlying problem.

To get posting privileges for this collection, please join the Taxon Page Cleaning Crew. Once you are a manager of that community, you can post images, articles, videos, etc. here. Please be sure to tell us in the annotation of each item where you found it. Or post a taxon and tell us what unexpected content you found on its page. Please don't just post things without telling us what's wrong in the annotation. We may not be able to figure it out without your help.