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Diptera Families in Zurqui de Moravia

Last updated almost 3 years ago

The Zurqui All-Diptera Biodiversity Inventory (ZADBI), is a 3-year National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to estimate fly biodiversity within a Costa Rican cloud forest. This effort is based on an international collaboration of fly experts, and the Costa Rican Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (INBio). INBio is also an EOL content partner. ZADBI scientists anticipate the discovery of at least 3,000 species, most of which will be new.

This project will contribute species images, information and educational resources to the Encyclopedia of Life.

Explore this collection of the families of flies found at the Zurqui site

Image Credit: Ilona Loser, Flickr: EOL Images. CC BY-NC-SA.