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    Centropristis ocyurus

    Bank Sea Bass

    I wonder what life is like for a 30 centimeter sea bass that lives 55 meters deep in the ocean in the benthic zone.

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    Phoca vitulina

    Common Seal

    I find it fascinating that the baby seal have to learn to swim right away when they are born. Also seals in general have very interesting diets. Not something that I would eat that's for sure.

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    Lagenorhynchus acutus

    Eschricht's Dolphin

    Dolphins are so cute! They are probably one of my favorite marine animals. The fact that they are so friendly, playful, social, and smart makes me like them even more. I find it weird that something as gorgeous as a dolphin would eat something as gross as a squid, but that is just my opinion.

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    Limulus polyphemus

    Horseshoe Crab

    I didn't know that horseshoe crabs were mostly active at night. That is really interesting. They are so smart digging for their food and all.

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    Eubalaena glacialis

    North Atlantic Right Whale

    I love North Atlantic right whales. Why would anyone harm such helpless and innocent creatures! It is amazing that such big animals feed on such small creatures.

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