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Rhode Island Mammals

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  • 80755_88_88 Animalia > Carnivora


    Coyotes, Dogs, Foxes, Jackals, and Wolves

    Coyotes are very common in Rhode Island. It is not unusual to see them in the city as well as in the suburbs. They have become a nuisance animal in RI and other New England states.

  • 48950_88_88 Animalia > Mustelidae

    Martes pennanti


    This is a vicious animal, which preys on many domestic animals...such as my cats. Over the last few years, fisher cats have been more commonly sighted in Rhode Island.

  • 65225_88_88 Animalia > Canidae

    Canis lupus lupus

    Eurasian Wolf

    Although it is listed as a native species to Rhode Island, the Gray Wolf has not been seen in the state for many years. It has been hunted to near extinction in many areas across the United States. In recent years, packs of wolves have been re-introduced into many of the western National Parks.

  • 02747_88_88 Animalia > Felidae

    Lynx canadensis

    Canada Lynx

    After reading this article, I think the lynx is a very beautiful creature. It is outfitted to live in cold climates and deep snow. It is usually a yellow-brown to frosted gray color, with black tips on the ears and tail. The lynx lives in forests with deep undergrowth or a tundra.