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My favorite species

Last updated over 4 years ago

These are my favorite species from the Turkana Basin in Northern Kenya.

  • 44570_88_88 Animalia > Bucorvidae

    Bucorvus abyssinicus

    Northern Ground Hornbill

    These majestic black birds walk for miles across the dry desert scrub looking for insects and small reptiles to eat. They used to be quite common in these parts but they are increasingly hard to see. Increasingly threatened by human population increase and livestock numbers these are surely threatened with extinction.

  • 99274_88_88 Animalia > Boidae

    Gongylophis colubrinus

    Egyptian Sand Boa

    Also known as Eryx colubrinus. This is just a beautiful snake rarely seen. My daughters occasionally find them and they give them huge pleasure handling them and watching them burrow swiftly out of sight into the soft sand.Sadly they are so often mistaken by the people we work with for the more poisonous carpet viper - the subspecies named after my uncle Jonathan Leakey is Echis pyramidum leakeyi

  • 49356_88_88 Animalia > Hyaenidae

    Hyaena hyaena

    Striped Hyena

    I have a soft spot for the striped hyaenas of northern Kenya. I published a paper on the diet of striped hyenas and we had several individuals who were quite tame come in to the camp every evening looking for fish remains. Again they are very rare to see here.