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Pages on eol of probable non preferred Synonyms

Last updated over 3 years ago

I am just an enthousiast and collect these Synonym issues on the way in case I bump into inconsistencies in what I find in other references and on EOL. I also add cases when I see other people mentioning Synonym problems in other feeds here on EOL. Please let me know if you want to be able to add other examples by commenting in the collection or my personal newsfeed. I will make you a co-manager and welcome every contribution. I recommend adding references. There is a 'probable' in the title of the non preferred synonyms collection, because most of the time I have no clue what the latest agreement is, if there is one. My hope is that these findings can be looked at by experts of the EOL community if actions need to be taken (or not) by the experts/EOL staff or programmatic solutions can be found. I understand there is no tool available for experts at the moment to adjust preferred names manually, but I believe experts can annotate the synonym page to clearly indicate the preferred name in the meantime. Experts and non-experts can also leave comments on the indivual pages. In cases where synonyms have another taxon page than the preferred name (or even other synonyms) they should also be incorporated in the collection + community (see in the hope they can be merged by staff of EOL. When issues do get resolved permanently, please let me know so we can remove them from the collection. (Last edit: 10 April 2012)

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