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Theclinae butterflies of the Eastern Palaearctic (incomplete)

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Butterflies of the subfamily Theclinae from East Asia including Siberia, East Russia, most Mongolia, most of China (excl. West of Xinjiang and Tibet provinces), Taiwan, the Korean Peninsula and Japan. Roughly East of E90° and North of the South-Chinese border, exluding Taiwan. References: (1) K. Johnson (2000). A NEW ELFIN BUTTERFLY (LYCAENIDAE: EUMAEINI) FROM NORTHERN CHINA WITH COMMENTS ON THE NOMENCLATURE OF PALAEARCTIC ELFINS. The Taxonomic Report OF THE INTERNATIONAL LEPIDOPTERA SURVEY. Volume 2 [] (2) Z Weidenhoffer, GC Bozano, S Churkin (2004). Guide to the butterflies of the Palearctic region: Lycaenidae part II. (3) Z.Weidenhoffer & G.C.Bozano (2007) Guide to the Butterflies of the Palearctic Region Lycaenidae part III Subfamily Theclinae Tribes Tomarini, Aphnaeini and Theclini (partim) - 97 pages NOTE (A) - I couldn't find pages in EOL for following taxa (or synonyms): (1) Satyrium minschanicum Murayama, 1992 [S. volt is junior name], (2) Satyrium bozanoi (Sugiyama, 2004), (3) Satyrium tamikoae (Koiwaya, 2002), (4) Satyrium wabi (Sugiyama, 2004), (5) Satyrium austrina (Murayama, 1943), (6) Satyrium redae (Bozano, 1993); NOTE (B) - I couldn't find pages in EOL of following names (taxa available under synonyms): (1) Satyrium thalia (Leech, 1893) [=Fixsenia thalia in EOL], (2) Satyrium iyonis (Ota & Kusunoki, 1957)] [=Fixsenia iyonis in EOL], (3) Satyrium v-album (Oberthür, 1886) [=Fixsenia v-album in EOL], (4) Satyrium inouei (Shirozu, 1959) [=Fixsenia inouei in EOL], (5) Satyrium latior (Fixsen, 1887) [=Tuttiola latior in EOL], (6) Satyrium dejeani (Riley, 1939) [=Strymon dejeani in EOL], (7) Satyrium eximia (Fixsen, 1887) [=Thecliolia eximia in EOL], (8) Satyrium persimilis (Riley, 1939) [=Thecla persimilis in EOL], (9) Satyrium lais (Leech, 1893) [=Thecla lais in EOL], (10) Satyrium percomis (Leech, 1893) [=Thecla percomis in EOL], (11) Satyrium patrius (Leech, 1891) [=Thecla patrius in EOL], (12) Satyrium yangi (Riley, 1939) [=Thecla yangi in EOL], (13) Satyrium ornata (Leech, 1890) [=Thecla ornata in EOL], (14) Satyrium inflammata (Alpheraky, 1889) [Thecla inflammata in EOL], (15) Satyrium grandis (Felder & Felder, 1862) [Thecla grandis in EOL], (16) Cigaritis takanonis (Matsamura, 1906) [Spindasis takanonis in EOL],

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