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Taxon Concepts Under Observation

Last updated about 1 year ago

The taxon concepts in this collection have a history of behaving badly. They were perfect after a manual clean-up but were then re-invaded by foreign hierarchy entries. Now we're keeping a watchful eye on them to figure out what makes a concept susceptible to corruption. Also see Taxon Clean-Up To Do List and Taxon Clean-Up Tasks Completed

  • 03851_88_88 Plantae > Gentianaceae


    Spurred Gentian

    Split two foram genera to their own concepts. -- Snuck back in April 2014. Split again, against CoL hierarchy. -- And again August 2014, splitting against IUCN this time. Taking forever to finish. Still not finished next day. Did not go through. Trying again September 2014. Seems to have worked this time. Keeping under investigation.

  • Animalia > Curculionidae


    Confusing Stonehopper

    This looks like it has become a wastebasket for HEs that somehow end up having the genus rank incorporated in the name. Moved a whole bunch of HEs to more suitable concepts. This will probably remain a problem concept with a revolving door.

  • 25646_88_88 Animalia > Muricidae


    Rapa Snail

    Separated this animal concept from the Brassica rapa subsp. rapa concept. -- Subsequently invaded by B. r. rapifera & B. r. r. HEs. Splitting them off again. -- April 2014: was again invaded by B. rapa rapa. Moved the HEs to the subspecies page again. August 2014: Invaded again by Brassica rapifera. Moving the HE to Brassica rapa:

  • 08138_88_88 Animalia > Carangidae

    Alectis ciliaris

    African Pompano

    Split two Blepharis ciliaris plant HEs (efloras, Discover Life) from this concept into their own page. Names tab still locked the next day. Plant HEs eventually disappeared from Names tab, but the plant species concept took a long time to appear in search. Ugh, a couple of months later, the plant & fish concepts are intermingled again. Separated them again 18 April 2013. -- And they're back together April 2014, separated them again. -- And again August 2014, taking a long time to finish. Still not finished next day.

  • 70503_88_88 Plantae > Cucurbitaceae

    Cucurbita pepo

    Squash and Gourd Varieties

    Split the foram Cucurbita HEs (for the fourth time!) from the Cucurbita pepo species concept. - April 2014. Using CoL as the exemplar.

  • 20260_88_88 Plantae > Sapotaceae


    The foram genus Urbanella keeps sneaking into this plant genus, split once previously. Now splitting again, against ITIS hierarchy.

  • 33857_88_88 Plantae > Caryophyllaceae



    For some reason the Minuartia recurva species HEs were in this concept. Split them off to their own concept. Also split foram Sabulina HEs to their own concept. -- The foram Sabulina HEs were back in April 2014, splitting them to their own concept again, this time against the Sabulina synonym from Tropicos.

  • Biota > Ataxophragmiinae Schwager 1877


    Separated these foram HEs from the plant genus Minuartia which has Sabulina among its synonyms. Split against the synonym form Tropicos this time. These snuck back into Minuartia once before.

  • 37819_88_88 Animalia > Corvidae

    Pica pica sericea

    Repeatedly tried to separate this from Mucuna urens. Keeps reuniting. Also merged in ITIS misspelling Pica pica serica.

  • 21350_88_88 Plantae > Fabaceae

    Mucuna urens

    Horse-eye Beans

    Split Pica pica sericea from this concept multiple times. Latest split was 31 March 2014

  • Chlamys cookei

  • 26324_88_88 Animalia > Chorotypidae


    Separated the grasses & grasshoppers once before but they were merged back together.

  • 17545_88_88 cellular organisms > Proteaceae


    Tried twice to move the flies & fungi to separate concepts. Latest split was late July 2013. Check back in a few weeks if they are still separate. -- Nope, back together in October 2013. Splitting again.

  • Animalia > Typhloplanidae

    Castrada morchella

    Merged in "Morchella" HE from Turbellarian Taxonomic Database, which then apparently pulled in a couple of mushroom Morchella HEs, one genus and one cf. species. Merged genus HE with the mushroom genus and split the cf. HE into a separate page. -- This concept is probably vulnerable to invasion by fungal Morchella HEs. Putting it under observation until the epithet problems of the Turbellarian Taxonomic Database connector get fixed.

  • Animalia > Gorytina Lepeletier de Saint Fargeau, 1845


    Separated the beetles from the wasps. - Beetles land on polychaetes! After another split, beetles land on wasps. Trying to split again, using the Megalomma synonym HE as exemplar. Hopefully this will stick.

  • 39209_88_88 Animalia > Sabellidae


    Separated these from the wasp concept.

  • Animalia > Staphylinidae



    Moved the plant HEs to the Santalaceae concept. Moved the beetle HEs here. After a couple of months, the plants had reinvaded this concept (July 2013).

  • 57591_88_88 cellular organisms > Capillariidae


    The classifications on this page referred to more than one kingdom and multiple phyla. Step 1: removed brachiopod genus from PaleoDB.--succesful. Search for Capillaria still goes straight to the Frankenstein page, but viewing all search results reveals the brachiopods. Then separated the fungi ( & Index Fungorum): split into separate page. Took about a day, no notification. Search still goes straight to Capillaria, but the new fungi page is in the search results, albeit mixed in among species names, i.e., imperfect matches. (7 Feb 2013) Jul 2013: Brachiopod genus & fungal genus are back in nematode concept. Also found 2 additional fungal concepts & a misspelled nematode genus "Capilaria" which I merged with Capillaria. Trying to split brachipods & fungi again.