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Diversity of Vertebrate Animals Lab

Last updated about 2 years ago

This is an example collection based on an introductory biology lab at Marietta College.

The objective of the lab is to learn about the distinguishing characteristics of the major groups of vertebrate animals.

Collections can be annotated and shared with students to create a virtual lab space. In terms of taxonomic level you can be as general (kingdom) or specific (species) as you like.

Source: Marietta College

Image Credit: Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University. CC BY-NC-SA

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    Use the annotation field to ask a question such as: "What are three evolutionary innovations that first appeared among reptiles?"

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    Example annotation: Pick two species from different orders to compare their anatomical features (specify those here). Use the classification browser on the right hand side to navigate/search through the different orders.

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    In this space instructors can add information, notes or directions for students. Each item in a collection is a direct link to the corresponding taxon page on EOL.

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    Perch-like Fishes