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Mydidae (Mydas Flies) of Virginia USA

Last updated almost 2 years ago

  • Mydas audax

    There are three specimens at the NMNH collected 2 vii 1924 from "Upton, VA" Perhaps this location refers to Upton's Hill on the border of Fairfax and Arlington Counties. Another specimen from Warren County is listed on T. Dikow's website

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    Mydas clavatus

    This is the only species of the family likely to be seen in Virginia, the rest are quite uncommon to rare. Specimen and photo records are widespread throughout the state.

  • Mydas fulvifrons

    I have two specimens from Chub Sandhill NAP.

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    Mydas tibialis

    Golden Legged Mydas Fly

    No Virginia specimens at the NMNH. There is a photo on BugGuide (5663) of this species taken in the "Blue Ridge Mountains". Boris Kondratieff (pers. comm.) has told me that he has observed them in Virginia and that they can be found around piles of wood or logs