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Weird Sexual Behaviour

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  • 18963_88_88 cellular organisms > Apoidea



    The reason bees testicles explode after sex and their genitals fall off has to do with preserving their genetic code, and ensuring it is their genes that go on to populate the new colony. You’re wondering how bees testicles exploding and genitals falling off after sex can ensure only their semen is the one that goes on to impregnate the queen bee. It really is quite simple. When the bees testicles explode and their genitals fall off they do so while in the vagina of the queen bee. This effectively plugs the vagina and prevents the queen bee from copulating with any other male drone bees and allowing her to be fertilized any further. If bees were the same as dogs for instance, the queen would be able to fornicate with several male drones and the offspring would have multiple fathers.

  • 25533_88_88 Animalia > Anatidae

    Oxyura vittata

    Argentine Blue-billed Duck

    THE LAKE RAPIST Most male birds do not have a penis, but some that do seem to make up for the rest. The Argentine lake duck's penis is shaped like a corkscrew and can extend to 17 inches. Seventeen. Inches. The bird is only about 16 inches tall. Argentine lake ducks practice forced copulation and the females are often observed trying to get away. Possibly the long penis evolved to make reaching a female easier. Or conversely, the long penis could be the reason the females try to escape.

  • 54999_88_88 cellular organisms > Melanocetidae

    Melanocetus johnsonii

    Johnson's Black Anglerfish