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Taxon Clean-Up Tasks Completed

Last updated 5 months ago

See Taxon Clean-Up To Do List for a list of tasks to tackle. Tasks that have been initiated by have not yet finished or did not execute properly should be posted to Taxon Clean-Up Tasks With Pending Issues.

  • 92709_88_88

    Cryptocephalus coyugi

    Split this from the genus concept.

  • Cryptocephalus coai

    Split this from the genus concept.

  • Cryptocephalus censorius

    Split this from the genus concept.

  • 91968_88_88

    Cryptocephalus cemi

    Split this from the genus concept.

  • 75258_88_88

    Cryptocephalus bullatus

    Split this from the genus concept.

  • Cryptocephalus obliquus

    Split this from the genus concept.

  • 97688_88_88


    Split a bunch of species HEs from this genus concept. No idea what they were doing in here in the first place.

  • 08908_88_88

    File:Dragon fly .jpg

    Image of Libellulidae

    Dragonfly images were showing up in Orthoptera because the AskNature hierarchy put Anisoptera under Orthoptera. Anisoptera is also a subgenus of Conocephalus, but the AskNature content is about the dragonflies. Moved the HE to Conocephalus and untrusted the content.

  • 38720_88_88


    Smaller Meadow Katydids

    Moved the plant genus to its own concept and pulled in a couple of katydid HEs from the invalid weevil genus. Also, merged in an Anisoptera HE from AskNature. Content is for dragonflies, but hierarchy is for the katydid subgenus.

  • 87419_88_88



    Moved the orthopteran Anisoptera HE to Conocephalus:

  • 38368_88_88


    Conocephalus is an invalid weevil genus. The legitimate katydid Conocephalus page is here: This might be of interest for clarification: -- Now merged Conocephalus weevil HE with Aphiocephalus. Fixed misassociated ADW images. -- This apparently pulled in a Conocephalus plant HE which I moved to Poikilospermum.

  • 49056_88_88


    Merged in Conocephalus HE from weevil concept.

  • Tylodina

    Split this weevil subtribe from the snail genus.

  • 03737_88_88


    Split the weevil subtribe to its own concept.

  • 75983_88_88

    Image of an unknown taxon

    Image of Tylodina

    This image of a snail shows up in the media collection for weevils (Curculionidae), due to TYLODINA being a subtribe of CURCULIONIDAE and Tylodina a genus of sea slug family TYLODINIDAE. -- Split the snails from the weevils.

  • 85197_88_88

    Mesechinus dauuricus

    Daurian Hedgehog

    A duplicate page due to misspelling of scientific name - in Taxonomic Hierarchy of COL. -- Merged Mesechinus dauricus with Mesechinus dauuricus.

  • 91715_88_88


    Merged in Carterus, Nebalis, Perimachetus and Rhyssocarpus:

  • Tettigonia

    Merged in a couple of hopper HEs from the katydid genus.

  • 05851_88_88



    Moved a couple of cicadellid HEs over to the hopper genus.

  • 64777_88_88


    Prescott Orchids

    Merged in a bunch of orchid HEs from the cicadellid genus.

  • Prescottia

    Merged in a bunch of cicadellid HEs from the orchid genus.

  • 75616_88_88



    Merged in a bunch of HEs from the cicadellid concept.

  • Digitalis


    Moved all the plant HEs to the plant genus.

  • 93908_88_88



    All Diptera images got pulled into Psocoptera due to a bogus hierarchy from Flickr. Removed the offending image from the pool. Make sure media collection clears up. -- Problem persists. Cannot figure out current source. Trying reindex. -- Finally! Media collection is clean (Aug 2013)

  • 10341_88_88

    Image of Helianthus annuus

    Image of Helianthus annuus

    This and other Helianthus (and possibly other plants) are appearing in the Apis bee genus media gallery.--- This is probably due to a machine tag problem (mixed ranks) in Flickr images. Removed a couple of affected Flickr images from the import. Problem should resolve itself within a couple of days -- Problem persists although Flickr data now seem to be clean. Trying a reindex (Jul 2013) -- Looks like it worked. Apis collection is clean now.

  • 51663_88_88


    Rough-toothed Dolphin

    The media collection for this taxon concept page includes 26 images, of which only 11 are appropriate (they are Stenella dolphins). The other 15 go away when you examine the hierarchy entry page media collections. -- BHL Flickr stream uses the old name Steno attenuatus for Stenella attenuata. This pulls all Stenella attenuata images into the Steno media collection. I removed the image from the EOL group, so the Stenella images should disappear from the Steno collection in a few days. -- Fixed

  • 46986_88_88


    Shiner Perch

    Hi Katja, this is a embiotoca grab bag - it has pictures of Micrometrus and Amphistichus but should just be Cymatogaster. -- Looks like this was fixed, possibly as part of Patrick's comprehensive reindex (JIRA:WEB-4562)

  • 54840_88_88


    Haptophyte Alga

    Somewhere in here is the new "Algae" functional group i just added in the secondary AlgaeBase resource. Also there's Haptopyta, a pre-existing taxon concept. I'm not sure exactly what's going on, but the confusing bit: the AlgaeBase classification is showing up twice in the names tab. Two separate resources exist for AlgaeBase currently, but this is the same resource showing up twice. Near as I can figure, that resource lists Algae and Haptophyta and is appearing once for each. -Jen -- It's very strange that two hierarchy entries from a browsing classification would end up in the same concept, but that's what happened here. I have split the Algae HE into a separate concept and moved the SPIRE, Biopedia and Wikimedia Commons Algae HEs over there.

  • 33391_88_88


    THis innapropriately has a text entry for Archerella under comprehensive description. - Separated Archerella from Ditrema fish genus.

  • Archerella

    Merged in Archerella HE & Ditrema Archer 1877 from Ditrema fish concept.

  • 52350_88_88


    tiger beetle genus Cylindera somehow linked to cerambycid genus Nesanoplium! There is a junior homonym Cylindera in CERAMBYCIDAE, and N. puberulum was in it in the past, but the cerambycid genus Cylindera is probably a synonym of Curtomerus. -- Separated Cylindera from Nesanoplium puberulum.

  • 96216_88_88

    Nesanoplium puberulum

    Split Cylindera tiger beetle genus from this cerambycid species HE.

  • 98987_88_88

    Anchusa officinalis


    Merged Anchúsa officinalis (Anchz zsa officinalis) with Anchusa officinalis

  • Adenia

    Split this from moth genus Zelleria and merged in several Adenia HEs from the plant genus concept.

  • 59650_88_88


    Split fly subgenus Exorista (Adenia) from this moth genus concept.

  • 32786_88_88


    Moved the fly genus HEs to their own concept.

  • 67784_88_88

    Periscepsia (Ramonda) Robineau-Desvoidy, 1863

    Separated these from the plant genus

  • 67784_88_88


    Separated this from the Ramonda (plant concept)

  • 10802_88_88

    Acanthocephala terminalis

    Image of Acanthocephala terminalis

    Bug pictures were showing up in the Acanthocephala phylum collection. Cleaned up both concepts.

  • 63923_88_88

    File:Diplodus vulgaris.jpg

    Image of Diplodus vulgaris

    The media collection of the fly genus Sargus is full of fish pictures. This is because the fly genus is an unreplaced junior homonym of a fish genus (which is a junior synonym of Diplodus) ... stho002 -- This was fixed with the Fishwise Pro reload.

  • Neoiphinoe

    Merged in Iphinoe snail HEs from the Cumacea concept.

  • 95556_88_88


    Moved the beetle HEs to Aspidimorpha and moved the snail HEs to Neoiphinoe

  • 08299_88_88


    Merged in a bunch of HEs that had landed on the Iphinoe (Cumacea) concept.

  • 62980_88_88

    Herbarium Specimen Image

    Image of Millettia

    shows up in media collection for Buliminida -- Millettia is a homonym. Separated the forams from the plants. Fixed now.

  • 59479_88_88


    Split the foram HEs into their own concept

  • 74750_88_88

    Abelha // Small Carpenter Bee (Ceratina sp.)

    Image of Ceratina

    Shows up in collection for Foraminifera . I've tracked it down further to the Fischerinidae: which WoRMS asserts includes Ceratina. -- The Ceratina concepts have been separated.

  • 29781_88_88


    Moved all the forams over to the protist concept, split off the sponge HE, and merged in all the fungi from the protist concept.

  • 03402_88_88


    Moved the fungi over to that concept and merged in all the protists.

  • 67882_88_88


    Moved all the whelk HE to the mollusk genus and merged in all the plant HEs.

  • 19465_88_88


    Moved all the plant HE to the plant genus and merged in all the whelk HEs.