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Taxon Clean-Up Tasks Completed

Last updated 3 months ago

See Taxon Clean-Up To Do List for a list of tasks to tackle. Tasks that have been initiated by have not yet finished or did not execute properly should be posted to Taxon Clean-Up Tasks With Pending Issues.

  • 34222_88_88


    Moved a beetle HE to the beetle genus.

  • 67083_88_88

    Neobernaya spadicea

    Chestnut Cowrie

    Merged in a bunch of Cypraea spadicea HEs

  • 62053_88_88



    Merged in "Cardidae" misspelling.

  • 10451_88_88

    Saccharum officinarum


    Merged in a bunch of species HEs from the genus concept & moved over a couple of genus HEs.

  • Staphylococcus hyicus

    Merged in a Staphylococcus hyicus HE from the genus concept.

  • 13786_88_88


    Moved a Staphylococcus hyicus HE over to the species concept.

  • 16958_88_88


    Merged in a couple of genus HEs from a pseudo-binomial concept.

  • Bryopsis sp. A

    Moved a couple of genus HEs to the genus concept.

  • 90996_88_88

    Prosorhochmus claparedii

    Moved the flatworm Planaria flava to its own concept.

  • Planaria oceanica

    Split this to a separate concept. Turbellarian taxonomic database has Planaria oceanica as a synonym of Planocera pellucida but puts it in Tricladida rather than Polycladida.

  • 37104_88_88

    Planocera pellucida

    Split Planaria oceanica to a separate concept. Turbellarian taxonomic database has this as a synonym of Planocera pellucida but puts it in Tricladida rather than Polycladida.

  • 81146_88_88

    Quercus laevis

    American Turkey Oak

    Merge with scientific name

  • 72001_88_88

    Idolothrips spectrum

    Merged in Idolthrips spectrum misspelling.

  • 72001_88_88


    Merged in Idolthrips misspelling.

  • 69657_88_88


  • Liothrips setinodis

    Merged in Hoodia bagnalli Karny:

  • Phasiomyia

    Split this from the Phasia (Tachinidae)

  • 01286_88_88


    Split Phasiomyia (Thysanoptera) to its own concept.

  • Amphigerontia sp. KY299

    Move a genus HE to the genus concept

  • 07253_88_88


    Merged in a genus HE from a pseudo-binomial.

  • 08675_88_88

    Thysanozoon brocchii

    Image of Thysanozoon brocchii

    Pictures of the species Thysanozoon brochii (4 in total) are showing up on the Tricladida page. It is a Polycladida. -- WoRMS lists Planaria verrucosa Delle Chiaje, 1829 as a synonym of Thysanozoon brocchii: That's why Thysanozoon brochii pictures were showing up on the Tricladida page. I have split Planaria verrucosa from Thysanozoon brocchii, so the problem should now be fixed.

  • 86700_88_88

    Image of Leptoplana tremellaris

    Image of Leptoplana tremellaris

    Leptoplana tremellaris images were showing up in the Tricladida media collection. This was due to confusion between Planaria tremellaris Grube, 1840, a tricladid, and Planaria tremellaris (Müller OF, 1773) which is apparently a synonym of Leptoplana tremellaris. Split Planaria tremellaris Grube, 1840 to its own concept.

  • Platyhelminthes > Planariidae Stimpson 1857

    Planaria verrucosa

    Split this from the Thysanozoon brocchii concept.

  • 84831_88_88

    Thysanozoon brocchii

    Split Planaria verrucosa to its own concept.

  • Planaria tremellaris

    Split this from the Leptoplana tremellaris concept.

  • 86700_88_88

    Leptoplana tremellaris

    Split Planaria tremellaris to its own concept.

  • 99389_88_88

    Chasmoptera huttii

    Merged in "Chasmoptera hutti" misspelling

  • 98090_88_88

    Lepidochelys kempii

    Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle

    Merged in concept from Gulf of Maine area COML resource

  • Not assigned

    Split this from the Diptera "Not assigned"

  • Not assigned

    Split this from the Diptera "Not assigned"

  • 09369_88_88

    Not assigned

    Split Embioptera & Psocodea "Not assigned" each to a separate page.

  • Dugesia lugubris

    Dugesia lugubris is a synonym of Schmidtea lugubris. This page should be merged with - Done

    De Vries, E. J., Sluys, R. (1991). Phylogenetic relationships of the genus Dugesia (Platyhelminthes, Tricladida, Paludicola). Journal of Zoology 223 (1): 103–116. doi:10.1111/j.1469-7998.1991.tb04752.x
    Lázaro, E. M., Harrath A H., Stocchino G., Pala M., Baguñà J., & Riutort M. (2011). Schmidtea mediterranea phylogeography: an old species surviving on a few Mediterranean islands?. BMC Evolutionary Biology. 11, 274.
  • Hypochnicium eichleri

    Merged in 2 duplicates pages of Hypochnicium eichleri from Index Fungorum hierarchy. Similar incidents are fairly common also with other species.

  • 32897_88_88


    Split the algae and fungi into their own concepts.

  • Desmococcus

    Split this from the bug genus.

  • 68128_88_88

    Ailurus fulgens refulgens

    Styan's Red Panda

    Ailurus fulgens refulgens was merged with Ailurus fulgens styani: "The name Ailurus fulgens refulgens is sometimes incorrectly used for A. f. styani. This stems from a lapsus made by Henri Milne-Edwards in his 1874 paper "Recherches pour servir à l'histoire naturelle des mammifères comprenant des considérations sur la classification de ces animaux",[41] making A. f. refulgens a nomen nudum.[8][18] The most recent edition of Mammal Species of the World still shows the subspecies as A. f. refulgens.[1] This has been corrected in more recent works, including A guide to the Mammals of China[42] and Handbook of the Mammals of the World, Volume 1: Carnivores.[3]" Also merged in "Ailurus fulgens stayani" misspelling.

  • 84981_88_88



    The Biodiversity of Tamborine Mountain data set features a bogus hierarchy that pulls skinks into the Annelida media collections and leaches into the skink media collection. This has now been silenced.

    Sort value: TAX-1726

  • 86573_88_88


    Hierarchies that are referring to Kingdom Fungi were moved to appropriate page. -- This is the page for the genus Fungus, but there were several kingdom level HEs: MicroScope Monthly ARKive text import SPIRE resource Wikipedia

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1723

  • 13218_88_88


    Moved a mangled stercoraria HE to the species concept & merged in two stray Scathophaga HEs from CoL, one unassigned and one placing Scathophaga in Lauxaniidae!!! The Lauxaniidae placement is clearly an error and has already been removed from the source database ( This HE is now silenced.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1725

  • 66706_88_88

    Collemopsidium foveolatum (A.L. Sm.) F. Mohr

    Pyrenocollema Lichen

    Merged in a stray HE from Index Fungorum + a bunch of Arthopyrenia halodytes HEs.

  • Brachynema

    Split this from the plant genus concept.

  • 29137_88_88


    Split the algal HE into its own concept.

  • 26590_88_88

    Passiflora pittieri

    Merged in identical name concept from flickr classification

  • 64861_88_88


    The Vanilla Orchids

    Merged in a sp. HE from Vanilla sp. hybrid AB-2009a

  • 51957_88_88


    Moved a Lophius piscatorius(Linnaeus, 1758) HE to the species concept.

  • 38220_88_88

    Lophius piscatorius


    Merged in Lophius piscatorius(Linnaeus, 1758) from the genus concept.

  • 77543_88_88

    Durio zibethinus


    Merged in "Urio zibethinus" misspelling

  • Xanthopsis

    Split this off the Centaurea (Knapweed) concept

  • 24974_88_88


    Star Thistle

    Split the Xanthopsis animal HE from paleodb to its own page. Moved the Xanthopsis fungi HEs to their own page.

  • 15612_88_88

    Chama lazarus

    Merged in "Chama laxarus" misspelling