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Taxon Clean-Up Tasks Completed

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See Taxon Clean-Up To Do List for a list of tasks to tackle. Tasks that have been initiated by have not yet finished or did not execute properly should be posted to Taxon Clean-Up Tasks With Pending Issues.

  • Chara (moth)

    Description of Chara
    Chara is a genus of...

    This moth article is showing up on the Chara alga page - Split the moth HEs to their own concept.

  • Hystrix (diatom)

    Description of Hystrix J.B.M. Bory de Saint-Vincent 1822
    Hystrix is a genus of diatom. References......

    This text object should not be appearing on the Hystrix porcupine page.

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  • Acanthonotus

    Description of Acanthonotus
    Acanthonotus is an extinct genus of bony fish. It contains three...

    This wikipedia stub should not be appearing on this echidna page Fixed!

  • South-western black rhinoceros

    Description of Diceros bicornis occidentalis and 1 other taxon

    This is now correctly associated with Diceros bicornis occidentalis. Had to create a reference for this subspecies on the RR LifeDesk to get the subspecies HE. Diceros bicornus occidentalis: "This subspecies is often mistaken for either the extinct southern black rhinoceros (D. b. bicornis) or the southeastern subspecies (D. b. minor). However, the populations in the arid areas of northern Namibia and southwestern Angola represent a separate subspecies."

  • Cryptomeria (moth)

    Description of Cryptomeria
    Cryptomeria is a genus of...

    This moth wikipedia article was showing up on what appears to be EOL tree Cryptomeria--these 2 Cryptomeria are already in the homonyms collection. Moved moth classification out of the tree page and to the Noctuid page but had to manually associated the Wikipedia content as otherwise it didn't show up on either page.

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  • Habitat

    Description of Siphonaptera
    Depth range based on 140 specimens in 1 taxon. Water temperature...

    This OBIS object is currently on the fleas page, it's probably a misspelling of Siphonaperta Vella, 1957. Made this change on 3Jan13, if OBIS objects we can change it back.