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Vascular Plants of Korup National Park

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African forests make up 16% of global forest cover, and the Congo Basin forms the world's second-largest tropical rainforest. In order to document the biodiversity of Cameroon's coastal forests, and to develop sustainable management strategies for these endangered ecosystems, we established a 50-hectare forest dynamics plot in Korup National Park (4°54' to 5°28' N and 8°42' to 9°16' E) in 1996. All 329,000 trees in the plot were mapped, tagged, measured for size, and identified to morphospecies. The present project provides species level taxonomic and biological information for 350 species documented within the Korup 50-ha plot. Specifically, for each species, an EOL page is created with taxonomic information, botanical description, photographs of living or herbarium plants, illustrations, geographic distribution, ecological data derived from the 50-ha plot, including life-history and demographic data. In the future our aim is to link these pages to molecular data that will be derived from our concurrent initiative to barcode the plants of Korup. Last indexed October 17, 2015