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Species Concepts

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Species Concepts are concepts that were developed to help taxonomists define or identify a species. There are many different concepts such as the Biological Species Concept, Morphological species concept, Phylogenetic species concept and the Genetic species concept.

  • 25856_88_88 Animalia > Cheirogaleidae


    Mouse Lemurs

    Morphological species concept- organisms can be classified is on the basis of morphology, or physical features. Issue with using this concept - example: mouse lemurs look very similar to each other but are actually at least 18 distinct species.

    Alexandra Mushegian, University of Basel
  • 42087_88_88 Animalia > Pipunculidae


    This is a difficult group and variation in genitalia within species may indicate the presence of species complexes. Molecular data should be included in future revisions of this genus as an independent test of species concepts.

    Jeff Skevington,Tree of Life web project