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This collection houses mycological descriptions from the Cybertruffle project. The Cybertruffle server provides access to a series of websites with information about fungi and their associated organisms. This information is openly and freely available. In addition to four main websites providing access to the Cybertruffle databases (Cyberliber, Cybernome, Robigalia and Valhalla), the Cybertruffle server hosts a range of other websites dealing with these organisms. The topics include: conservation, database specifications, expeditions & fieldwork, journals, meetings, mycological societies, mycological themes, projects, and websites providing database information about fungi of individual countries and fungi on genera of associated organisms. Please visit to browse additional resources. This page also provides access to websites supported by Cybertruffle on other servers. To change languages, click on the "smiling truffle pig" logo below the menu on the left. Last indexed July 10, 2012