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Annelida LifeDesk has been created to establish educational content on annelids, or segmented worms. The focus of this LifeDesk at this time is on errant marine worms classified as Amphinomida, which includes the stinging fireworms. Using current research, historical literature, as well as digital images of live and preserved museum specimens, ~200 species pages will be established in association with three themes: 1) Diversity and Systematics - Amphinomida; 2) Regional biodiversity (e.g. Mexican Caribbean and Gulf of California); and 3) Chemosynthetic environments. Fireworms are an ideal model to initiate this work because they are remarkably diverse and are found virtually in all marine habitats on earth, thus providing a rich framework to establish a comprehensive database to unite taxonomy, phylogeny/evolutionary biology, and photo-documentation of more than 14,000 annelid species. Therefore, establishing a multifaceted framework on a smaller scale (i.e. Amphinomida) will provide the template for the development of pages for other annelid groups in the future, making Annelida LifeDesk a comprehensive online resource for the annelid community and beyond. Last indexed September 29, 2015