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FishWisePro is a comprehensive, fully relational fish database of over 100 000 scientific species name combinations and just over 34,000 fish pictures. It has been specifically developed for Academics, Students, Marine Biologists, Authors, Ichthyologists and all other serious users interested in Fish. This is probably the only fully relational Fish database with referential integrity. Records can be found or grouped using extremely powerful user defined filters. As an example, it is possible to find out that Jack Randall has been involved in describing 722 valid species as at March 2012. Of these, 711 are salt water species. We can also find that Helen, his wife, has been involved in describing 7 species. It is an absolute doddle to find out how many valid species are in a particular family etc. The kids can even find out the scientific name combinations of the Disney fish characters and see pictures of the actual fish. The pictures filters are very useful for identifying species and the user can even group pictures of 2, 3 or more species types to make comparisons easier. The data has primarily been based on the work of Bill Eschmeyer and his colleagues at the California Academy of Sciences in their work on the "Catalog of Fishes". Dennis Polack, the creator of FishwisePro has worked closely with Bill and his colleagues for more than 15 years. . There are over 80 tables, the numbr of records for some of which are shown below: CLASSES: 8 - ORDERS: 94 - FAMILIES: 617 - GENERA: 11 412 - SPECIES: 100 058 - . On Line editing of 77 tables is available to any user having the correct login rights. Last indexed April 25, 2013