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The Biology of Aging portal (BoA), funded by the Ellison Medical Foundation and hosted at the MBL/WHOI Library, aims to put knowledge and issues surrounding aging and lifespan in front of a world-wide audience ranging from school children to expert scientists. Through interactions with the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL), BoA will enable the capability to develop comparative biology hypotheses within the context of development, aging, and disease, thus accelerating the pace of understanding and discovery. By revealing similarities or differences across entire spectra of life, BoA may help specialists in aging research identify additional target genes or species for original research, which might further the development of vaccines and potentially lead to prophylactic therapies or cures for age-related conditions. Our goal is to create tools to help scientists, students, and everyone learn more about the biology of aging viewed across all species on Earth. Last indexed November 9, 2010

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