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Europe's Most Threatened Butterflies

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In March 2012, a team of scientists co-ordinated by Butterfly Conservation Europe published an overview of the habitat requirements and ecology of European butterflies of special conservation concern. Along with basic habitat and natural history information, the authors list practical Dos and Don'ts, which summarize best practices to protect and conserve the butterflies and their habitats.

"We hope this overview will help member states, nature wardens, farmers, civil servants, butterfly enthusiasts and everyone who wants to help Butterfly Conservation Europe in preserving the natural heritage of Europe, especially its butterflies. As butterflies are good indicators of wildlife rich habitats, the guidelines will help conserve overall biodiversity."

van Swaay C, Collins S, Dušej G, Maes D, Munguira M, Rakosy L, Ryrholm N, Šašić M, Settele J, Thomas J, Verovnik R, Verstrael T, Warren M, Wiemers M, Wynhoff I (2012) Dos and Don’ts for butterflies of the Habitats Directive of the European Union. Nature Conservation 1: 73-153. doi: 10.3897/natureconservation.1.2786

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