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Plants of Tibet

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The mountains of southern and eastern Tibet (Xizang Autonomous Region and adjacent Sichuan and Yunnan provinces), China, form the eastern extent of the Himalayan range. It is a region of extreme elevational ranges compressed in short distances, with a corresponding diversity of habitats ranging from nearly untouched lowland subtropical forests (with tree ferns) in the Yarlongtsangpo River Valley, to montane tree Rhododendron cloud forests, to areas of alpine and cold desert vegetation at the highest elevations. The flora of southern Tibet is rich and contains many endemic species. In this project, for each species page, we provided information on general summary of the species, morphological descriptions, biological and ecological characteristics, habitats, distribution, economical value, conservation status, and related literature references. We uploaded photographs using the field photos. With the extensive photographs, I will strive to show characteristics of the whole plant, flowers, fruits, habitats and ecology. Furthermore, We provided information on historical and current classifications and synonyms for each species based on literature research. Last indexed March 7, 2015

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