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The Biodiversity of Tamborine Mountain

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Since 1998, artist Peter Kuttner has been creating a video archive of the biodiversity of Tamborine Mountain (his home in mega-diverse sub-tropical South East Queensland) which is threatened by population growth in Australia’s fastest developing region. Tamborine Mountain is a small plateau surrounded by a wooded escarpment. Its biodiversity is on a par with that of neighbouring World Heritage-listed Areas. Biodiversity is a 24/7 proposition so night filming in the rainforest using a spot-light is a particular emphasis. In as much as the archive is about the Mountain’s biodiversity, it is also about presenting biodiversity as a subject on digital video (at least as far as embracing the range of species visible to the naked eye is concerned). The phrase ‘one small place on earth’ best summarises the project. It not only reinforces the impact of adding to the record sequence after sequence of species which can be found on Tamborine Mountain both day and night, but also because it focuses attention on what anyone can find in their ‘one small place on earth’. Last indexed May 8, 2014